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World-Class Wealth Management for the Education Workforce

At CGAA, Inc., we specialize in providing exceptional financial guidance and wealth management services to education workers throughout our community. We recognize that your needs, finances, and future outlook are unique, and we tailor the services and support we offer based on your individual circumstances. With a comprehensive, big-picture approach to wealth management and a commitment to your long-term success, we help education workers like you gain confidence and security in your financial future.

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Get More from Your Retirement Plan

Enrollment in a 403(b) is standard for workers in public school districts—but a 403(b) alone does not constitute a true retirement plan. We specialize in helping teachers and school staff members create comprehensive retirement plans for a more secure future.

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Designed for You

Retirement Planning Centered on Your Goals

At CGAA, our approach to product and service recommendations is always focused on one thing: you. We keep your goals at the center of your retirement plan, and will only recommend a service that we believe will help you reach your goals.

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