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World Class Wealth Management for the Education Workforce


A Strategy Suited for You

Just as not every client’s retirement looks the same, not every financial strategy looks the same. We will craft a plan according to your goals and educate you on your investment decisions.

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True Independence

As an independent firm, we aren’t tied to any proprietary products or services. Instead, we serve our clients first, last, and always.

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Truly Personal Service

Because of our independent model, we are able to offer a high level of service, unparalleled in the industry.

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Your Bridge to Retirement

We are passionate about helping individuals, especially those in the education industry, retire and live the lifestyle of their choosing. By working with a highly-qualified professional, you can get from where you are today to where you hope to be tomorrow.

Your Local Retirement Specialist

NEA Retirement Specialists are local advisors who live and work within your community and specialize in helping members understand their pension options.
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Can You Retire on Time?

Often times, retirement seems like a distant destination. In reality, though, the time for planning is now. We will help you sort through the many questions you likely have, such as when you can retire and how much you will need.

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