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Kevin  Conroy

Kevin Conroy

Financial Advisor of GWN Securities, Inc

Kevin Conroy started his career as a Stock Broker with Smith Barney in 1996. In 2002 he moved to a sister company called Citistreet and commenced working in the 403b market, helping school district and non-profit employees save for retirement as well as offering them a full suite of investment planning services. Fast forward almost two decades and he is a proud Independent Financial Services Representative with CGAA Advisors based out of Hauppauge, New York.

With his years of experience and his background of working with various platforms, Kevin has a unique knowledge of the 403b arena and what it takes to build a retirement plan based on each person’s resources and risk tolerance. Also, with over 20 years of experience in the markets, Kevin is always there to help clients navigate through the ups and downs of investing. Over the years Kevin has helped hundreds of people save and invest to achieve their goals and dreams.

Kevin prides himself on being available to everyone in the districts he serves. From the custodians to the teachers’ aides, from the clerical staff to the teachers, from the security guards to the administrators, even the Superintendents. Kevin counts all of them among his client base.

Being in the 403b market for so long, there are not many situations Kevin has not encountered. Coming from NYC to a new school district? Kevin can help you transfer your TRS and TDA balances from the city to the state. Retiring with sick / vacation / incentive pay? Kevin can review the max limits and work with your payroll department to make sure you shelter as much money as you can. Taking a maternity leave? Interested in a Roth 403b? Looking for a retirement accumulation projection? Kevin can help with all that and more.