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Sharlene Jamison

Sharlene Jamison

Financial Advisor of GWN Securities, Inc

Sharlene Jamison, financial professional, mother of two, a business woman, and entrepreneur. She takes a leadership role in life’s endeavors. Her goal is to give insight to the reality of life, procrastination, and the unknowing that can affect people financial situation.

She’s no stranger to the financial challenges families and businesses face. She became passionate about the financial profession through life experience, divorce, single parent, caring for ill parents with no long term care benefits, and losing loved ones that were under insured with little or no life insurance and limited financial resources to plan for future unexpected life events and/or retirement preparations.

She’s has been the primary income in her marriage and has managed the family finances for personal and business expenses. Her life experience has taught her that in many situations ‘WHAT If’s’ can quickly become a reality and being unprepared doesn’t stop LIFE from taking place. Her life challenges have given her the personal experience to help other with compassion, knowledge and understanding.

Sharlene has discovered many people make financial decisions based on feelings, emotions or dependence on others, living their life by chance. Her goal is to help bring awareness to those that are experiencing life changes to know their financial options and obligations to their loved ones to make decisions based on facts, needs, desires and wants to keep their dream alive, which can include preparing for life unknown and unexpected events, such as disability, death, college savings, tax deferred strategies, savings for long or short term financial goal or retiring at a specific desired age.

She strives to help guide and navigate them on the road map to recovery with caring hands during life unknown circumstances by preparing a personalized investment plan and help them with the possibilities of life “What If “moments, such as divorce, death, sickness etc. the things that can affect and disturb personal goals and dreams.

Her goal is to help people, make a difference in their lives by empowering them to take control of their own financial future based on facts, investment tolerance levels, data, history, research, not emotion. She offers a wide variety of financial service to help guide them along the way through insurance products to protect and investment products to manage wealth. It is important for her to build on client relationships, know their story, get to know them personally, and uncover their concerns from the heart, their desires, needs, and wants. She becomes an extension of her client family. They invite her into their homes and personal lives including family gatherings. It helps her build relationships with the next generation that is sometimes left to inherit the family legacy through financial inheritance, which helps her get to know the future generation of beneficiaries and equip them with the tools to succeed and manage their newly inherited wealth.